Polymer rubber coated rollers


Product Introduction

The sinter-plate is the main filter element in the sinter board dust catcher and carries out the gas-solid separation task in plastic sintered plates for dust removers. Sinter-plate filter adopts polymer composite and is formed by being sintered by a special high temperature furnace. The formed matrix has a complete micron-sized micropore, which only allows gas to pass through and intercepts microparticle at its surface to achieve dust removal filter effect. At the same time, enhanced PTFE resin film is covered at the surface of sinter-plate, which has strong self-clean function and can effectively avoid dust adhesion during work. By the use of gas recoil technology, it can automatic remove the dust and keep stable wind resistance loss.
The structure of sinter-plate is usually rectangular. The filter part is wavy plate structure, which can increase the effective area of dust removal.

Product Superior

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate has excellent wear resistance under normal temperature
Excellent chemical stability, oil resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance
Good buffering performance
Good sound absorption and mechanical strength
Good high - voltage resistance
Super self-lubricating performance
Easy to install

Product Performance

Polymer rubber coated rollersApplication of Polyethylene


In containers, bins, hopper or other containers of bulk in the chute, conveyor trough and similar storage and transport processes are often blocked by clumps, sticky knots, and arch bridges. According to foreign experience, high molecular weight polyethylene lining has been widely used and has good effect. ( the scope of use is shown in table 6)

(2)Food, food machinery

Because ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is non-toxic, it has been recognized by the health and drug agency, which makes it easier to disinfect and clean. Therefore it is often used to be food bottles. The automatic packaging assembly line is more suitable for parts than other materials, mainly used for star wheel, rail, timing screw, guide roller gear, bearing liner.


This product can be used as a quay or rubber ft-proof panel and prevent the damage caused by the collision of ship and wharf. With good weather resistance, it can replace some steel or rubber string. In the second phase of Beilun phase, 300,000 tonnage wharf has been used as a drum protector for the anti-punching panel, which has been well received.

(4)Chemical industry

Suitable for susceptible to wear and high impact strength and contact with strong corrosive medium components, such as plate and frame filter press filter plate, corrosion of the impeller, pump shell, mixer drum of propeller, packing, electroplating, especially having excellent corrosion resistance in the usage of hydrofluoric acid.

( 5) Others

1、Paper making machinery
Water suction box cover plate, guide board, wiper board, hydrofoil
2、Construction and agricultural machinery
Excellent environmental stress cracking, high resistance to repeated fatigue, high noise and vibration damping. It can be used as high - frame, light rail bridge deck, self - unloading car, hopper liner, mortar, concrete container and chute lining.
3、w temperature technology
Assembly cold storage, low temperature container pad. The European nuclear research center successfully applied the ultra high seal ring, liner and piston ring at the temperature of liquid nitrogen.
4、Medical technology
Because of the high molecular weight polyethylene biocompatibility and the artificial transplantation organ, hundreds of thousands of people in the world have received hyperbone joint implants. At present, the company is working with famous institutions both at home and abroad to study the clinical application of various kinds of artificial organs.
5、Electrical engineering
trahigh has good electrical insulation performance, the electrical performance index is higher than the general plastic.
6、Cutting board
The use of various food, clean and convenient, has been used as the food processing plant's cutting board, the bakery work table, and the flour machine.
Leather mechanical punch cutting cutting board, the service life is more than four times the other plastic, and the surface planing can continue to be used.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a new material in recent years. As a permanent solid lubricant to protect the friction metal surface, it can reduce energy consumption, reduce noise and expensive maintenance costs.

(6)Application Examples

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