Plastic sintered plate dust catcher


Product Introduction

The sinter-plate is the main filter element in the sinter board dust catcher and carries out the gas-solid separation task in plastic sintered plates for dust removers.
Sinter-plate filter adopts polymer composite and is formed by being sintered by a special high temperature furnace. The formed matrix has a complete micron-sized micropore, which only allows gas to pass through and intercepts microparticle at its surface to achieve dust removal filter effect. At the same time, enhanced PTFE resin film is covered at the surface of sinter-plate, which has strong self-clean function and can effectively avoid dust adhesion during work. By the use of gas recoil technology, it can automatic remove the dust and keep stable wind resistance loss.
The structure of sinter-plate is usually rectangular. The filter part is wavy plate structure, which can increase the effective area of dust removal.

Product Superior

1.PTFE coating plastic sintered filtration component
PTFE coating plastic sintered filtration component is more excellent plastic sintered filtration component in the world at present and has the following significant advantages:
■Better air permeability
Advanced sintering technology and improved ingredient formulation are adopted to ensure the uniform micropore inside sinter-plate, contributing to better connectivity and breathability.
■Higher filtration accuracy and operate more stable and reliable.
Micron-sized filter aperture can effectively capture the dust above 0.1μm; The capture efficiency can reach to 99.9999% for the dust above 10μm; The emission is less than 10mg/Nm3; Large effective filtration area; And the volume is only 1/3 of the traditional cloth bag, which has 5-10 years service life. ( After achieving normal service life, the same filtering effect can be achieved through the regeneration of the wear coating).
■Strong self-cleaning capacity
New generation strengthen PTFE coating is adopted to make the surface of sinter-surface dense, smooth, which makes higher filtration accuracy and significantly improves dust-cleaning performance; Sinter-plate adopts rounded angle design which effectively avoids the dust sticking together.
■Better leakproofness
Sinter-plate adopts foam silicone rubber seal strip, which has high strength elastic, high temperature resistance and long service time.
2.Pulse injection valves
Pulse injection valves are the core component of dust remover. Compared with sack-duster, plastic sintered plate dust catcher depends on compressing air in short time to form impulse wave to remove the dust; While sack-duster mainly depends on compressing air to cause secondary air to remove the dust on filter bag. Thus it is important to choose pulse valves.
3.Optimization design of dust collector flow field
The structure design of large dust collector is very important. The distribution of airflow causes the running resistance to rise and bad dust-cleaning efficiency. Flow field design is critical especially for thin, sticky, light dust.
4.Compressed air system processing
The operation and service life of pulse injection system has big relations with the purification of compressed air. The impurities in the compressed air, such as dirt, rust and dust, can cause great damage to the pulse injection system. Therefore, the compressed air system is equipped with oil and water separator, coarse filter and fine filter to ensure the compressed air quality, which is importance for the reliability and service life of the pulse injection system.

Product Performance

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