Sintering Cartridge


Product Introduction

This revolutionary filter element, designed and patented by the company Shanghai Superhigh, is a new concept in the design of filtration units and the biggest breakthrough in filtration technology in the last 50 years.

Its special configuration provides a filter surface three times that of a conventional filter with high efficiency filtration for even the most difficult products.

Applications in the Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, epoxy paints, pigments, polishing and grinding, wet enamel, cement, grinding abrasives, corundum recovery, peening powder, powder from laser or plasma cutting, etc. ...

Product Superior

Dry process: collection and disposition with dry process.
Guaranteed emission value: below 1mg/Nm3.
Large filter area in small space.
Low pressure drop.
High resistance to moisture.
Highly resistant to corrosive products.
Supports dust loads superior to 250gr/m3.
Abrasion resistant with minimal wear.
More than 10 years lifetime.
Maximum working temperature 110 °C.
Installation of the filter in clean area, if you do not want to be in contact with the product (in case it is harmful or toxic).
The best filter media for equipments intended for ATEX zones.

Product Performance

Sintering CartridgeApplication of Polyethylene

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