Polymer ground holders


Product Introduction

Polymer ground holders are developed by introducing, absorbing and digesting similar products. The products use UHMWPE as main filler strip with thrust block made up of soft polymer composite on it. The products are directly exposed to the thrust block when placed, and because the stop block has moderate flexibility, it can protect the roll plate, while the high strength of ultra high molecular filler strip ensures the strength of the roll board.

Product Superior

Protecting products: The materials of thrust block is made up of soft polymer composites, which will not form indentation when the products are placed on it.
Reasonable design structure: The product is assembled with a 2m filler strip, and the horizontal distance between 2 filler strips and the distance between thrust block can be adjusted according to the specific needs. In the meantime, both filler strips and the thrust block are equipped with the grooves of the placing products, so that the products can be placed on the upper surface without any indentation.
Beautiful appearance: The color of the product can be adjusted according to the environment, and it will not change color in the long term, which will play a positive role in beautifying the working environment.
Convenient to install and change: The product can be assembled with simple bolt connection, reducing the labor intensity of installation and replacement.
Long service life: The material of filler strip and thrust block of the product has good mechanical physical properties, so that the service life of this product is longer than that of other products, which saves the production and maintenance costs.

Product Performance

Polymer ground holdersApplication of Polyethylene

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