Polymer packing materials for gas waste


Product Introduction

Pall ring packing is a new packing, which has been improved on some major shortcomings of raschig ring. The main difference between it and raschig ring packing lies in the opening of a rectangular window on the side wall. The opening of rampart makes the distribution of gas and liquid big improvement. The inner surface area of the ring can be fully utilized.

Product Superior

Pall ring packing has the advantages of great flux, smaller resistance, high separating efficiency and higher operation flexibility. Under the same pressure, the treatment amount can be more 50% than raschig ring. In the same capacity, the depressurization can be reduced by half, and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with raschig ring, this packing has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance and large operation elasticity. In general, the same pressure drop is 50% to 100% higher than the raschig ring, and 50% to 70% lower than raschig ring with same process. The tower also has depressurization, which can save 20%-40% packing volume by adopting pall ring packing compared with raschig ring.

Product Performance

Polymer packing materials for gas waste Application of Polyethylene

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