Polymer filters


Product Introduction

Filters are developed by referring to the excellent development technology at home and abroad, which can be divided into two parts and makes up for the lack of traditional filters. It has the advantages of wide chemical compatibility, strong acid and alkali resistant, big circulation, low differential pressure, effective to filter impurity, long service life and easy to install. Moreover, our filter has unique structure design, which makes it easy to remove the impurity. The impurities can be easily removed as long as the anti-flush is carried out within the specified time, which not only save maintain time but reduce the production cost.

Product Superior

Wide chemical compatibility;
Big circulation; Low differential pressure; Effective to filter impurity,
Simple structure makes it convenient to maintain and install
Long service life
Convenient to back wash; Reduce the time and cost of maintenance
Wide usage; Meet the requirements of different mining conditions
Simple structure; Convenient to install

Product Performance

Polymer filtersApplication of Polyethylene

Metallurgical industry: Filtering of impurities in acid solution
Electronic industry: Reverse osmosis system prefiltration, deionized water system prefiltration
Food industry: Filtration of beverages, beer, mineral water
Chemical industry:  Filtration of organic solvents, ink  Electroplating
Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical, biological and plasma product filtration, compressed air and gas filtration, hospital water, pharmaceutical injection, oral liquid
Electroplating solution, metal cutting fluid, photographic and magnetic media resistfiltration
Petrochemical industry: acid base solvent coating magnetic slurry detergent liquid wax
Film, photographic industry: film production, photographic plate
Food industry: food, beverage, drinking water, alcohol

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