Polymer packing materials used in cooling towers


Product Introduction

Packing materials used in cooling towers is the main part water and gas heat transfer in the cooling tower and the key to improve cooling tower cooling rate and ensure safe operation. Our polymer packing materials used in cooling towers are developed by referring to latest development technology of cooling tower packing at home and abroad, which is divided into corrugated, folded waveform, fold trapezoid, human word waveform and dot waveform. It is made up of PVC modified and has the advantages of good physical and mechanical properties, good stiffness of integral assembly block, strong load resistance, good hydrophilicity, large contact area, low ventilation resistance, high cooling efficiency, acid and alkali resistant, good corrosion, wide application range, good aging resistance, long service life, hard to block and easy to maintain and clean.

Product Superior

Effective to reduce water temperature: Good hydrophily; Large contact area; effective to reduce water temperature
Wide application range: Acid and alkali resistant; Suitable for different aqueous medium
Long service time: Good aging resistance; Good integral block stiffness; Strong load resistance; Hard to damage
Reducing production cost: Hard to block; Easy to maintain and clean

Product Performance

Polymer packing materials used in cooling towersApplication of Polyethylene

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