Polymer seat stands of support rollers


Product Introduction

Polymer seat stands of support rollers are developed according to user’s needs in the production by referring to products at home and abroad, which has advantages of protecting the surface of roller from damage, high compressive strength, small occupation area, good anti-aging performance, beautiful appearance, easy to access, reducing labor strength and longer service life.

Product Superior

Protect support rollers: It is the good product to replace traditional wooden roller and will not damage the surface of rollers while accessing, which is made up of UHMWPE.
High compressive strength: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has excellent compression performance and it is harder to deform and damage compared with wooden roller.
Small occupation area: We can place them layer by layer for excellent performance of UHMWPE, which not only saves production cost but also occupation area.
Reduce labor strength: It is easy to access because of its unique design, which reduce the labor strength and saves labor resource.
Beautify work environment: Traditional wooden rollers are easily deformed under heavy weight. Our rollers can change colors making it suitable for the environment and never fade. At the same time, our rollers has excellent compressive strength and anti - atmospheric aging, which can keep beautiful for a long time and play an positive role in changing work environment.
Long service life: High molecular weight polyethylene with excellent performance guarantee the service life of the product far exceeded the service life of the roller pedestal with wood as the material.

Product Performance

Physical properties

Polymer seat stands of support rollersApplication of Polyethylene

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